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Beatality - About us

Founded on March 31st, 2011 and based in Croatia, Beatality is indiependent record label which will bring you releases full of great and versatile house tracks produced by Croatian and worldwide music producers and deejays. We started with the main idea, to contribute to the local house scene, to build name that will be recognized on global level and to promote work of our talented artists.

In these days when there are hundreds of labels and artists, it’s important to create unique style and branch which will make you different from others. That’s the reason why we won’t release everything that belongs to electronic music, even if it sounds really great! We like to go back to basics, in time when people were giving their soul in their music more than today, and combine it with modern sound which is important to follow. That will say you will mostly find soulful / deep / chicago / jazzy / oldschool / tech house genres in our releases. We are not interested in progressive, electro, trance, etc.

Our first releases have been supported by some big names like Federico Scavo, Ron Carroll, Gabriel Marchiso, Dean Newton, Alfonso Padilla, Darin Epsilon, Blacksoul and many others worldwide producers & deejays.

For now, we are releasing only digital releases which are available on the biggest and most popular electronic music shops (Beatport, Juno, etc.). All of our releases will be regulary updated on website, same as all news and info about our label and our artists.

Beatality Records

Beats with the soul!